Infinity Ward changes names of Ghosts playlists as an April Fool’s joke


Infinity Ward has updated the names of the playlists and game modes within Call of Duty: Ghosts as a April Fool’s joke. If you go on to Ghosts now, you can see some of the interesting names that they have decided to put for the modes. The playlists names will change back after tomorrow.

  1. PEW PEW – Team Deathmatch
  2. All The Guns – Gun Game
  3. PCP – Cranked
  4. Transfer – Blitz
  5. Set Up Us The Bomb – Search and Rescue
  6. YOLO – Search and Destroy
  7. Sickness – Infected
  8. Tags Or It Didn’t Happen – Kill Confirmed
  9. Bro, Do u even cap? – Domination
  10. New Shit – Drop Zone
  11. Wolfpack of 1 – Free for All
  12. Tic Tac Fo’ – Team Tactical
  13. Booms of Plenty – Ground War

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