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    nGx2 Application

    Your First Name: Jonny

    Are you Currently In Another Clan ? Yes

    How Long Have You Been A Gamer ? 10 Years Or More

    How Many Days Are You Active Per Week ? 4

    Have You Ever Been In A Clan Before ? Yes

    Will You Be Able To Participate In Clan Wars When Scheduled ? I’ll do my best to be there

    What Game Modes Do You Normally Play ? Tdm, dom, ground war

    What Is Your Play Style ? Rusher

    What Is Your Kill/Death Ratio ? 1.94

    What Is Your Win/Loss Ratio ? 1.82

    Do You Own A Headset ? Yes

    How Did You Find Out About Us ? Call of duty forum

    What Will Make You A Good Addition To The Clan ? Do my best to support the clan participating in clan wars and general gameplay. On BO 1, 2 and MW3 had average K/D around 2.35. Struggling on ghost due to lack of clan members online. Good team player and always play objective.

    Anything Else You Would Like To Add ?

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