Diamond Division Special Rules


Congratulations to nGx2 Elite for once again a win in the Platinum division. It was a tough battle, but they fought through and got the victory!

Now that Elite has won 2 clan wars in Platinum, the oppurtunity is available to opt into the Diamond division. Before a decision is made, we would like to show you the rules of Diamond division.

    • Each division will start with 7 real Clans and one “fake” Federation Clan.
    • Every Node will start out owned by the Federation Clan.
    • CPs for capturing Nodes will degrade in the same way it does in Bronze-Platinum Clan Wars, at 2 points per capture.
    • There will not be any bonus for holding a Node during the round.
    • Before the second and third round (Saturday and Sunday) every Node’s CP value will be reset to its starting value. The Clan who owns the Node at that time will be awarded the full CP value.
    • Matches must end between the start and end time of each round.
    • Matches may continue to post results after the round ends, since win processing continues until all matches are counted.
    • The roster lock will allow each clan to have members up to the maximum value of their bracket.  For example, a 50 player Clan adds members up to the max of their bracket, which would be 54. The roster lock limits the number of Clan members who can contribute wins to your Clan War, it does not prevent further recruiting.

If a clan adds more members than the maximum of their bracket, existing members who score wins later than new members risk having their wins not count. In an extreme example, if a Clan of 10 recruits 90 more members after the roster lock it will still only be the first 10 members to record a win who count for the duration of the Clan War.

  • Any match that has Clan members on opposing sides of the battle will not count.
  • Any Clan that is found to be cheating, boosting or otherwise violating the Terms of Service will be penalised.
  • Penalties will vary based on behavior but may include having CP reset, Diamond Division qualification revoked, or other Clan Wars entitlements revoked.

When opting in to Clan Wars, your Clan Leader will have selected a region to play in. Those regions are :

  • Europe : Clan War starts 7PM GMT/8PM CET. Clan War ends 11PM GMT/12AM CET.
  • Eastern : Clan War starts 7PM EST. Clan War ends 11PM EST.
  • Pacific : Clan War starts 7PM PST. Clan War ends 11PM PST.

War Cry entitlements will be awarded to Clans finishing in the top 3 places in Diamond Division.

  1. Vincent
    March 12, 2014, 1:55 pm

    Diamond – Lets do this

  2. timboschracko
    March 12, 2014, 3:57 pm

    yeah man i should be good to go for the clan wars. it runs from 0300-0700 for me here which is when i am on. also should we maybe try to make some kind of strategy/practice round for things like search and destroy ect?

  3. TheKing232
    March 14, 2014, 12:05 pm

    I’m in, but we have to stress the rule about clan members being on the opposing team and the win not counting. Nobody can use the join game feature or it could cost us wins. Lets make sure everybody hears this rule.

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