About Us


nGx2’s mission is to maximize our members enjoyment of their hobby by providing a platform for gamers to connect with one another, to add like-minded gamers to their friends list, and to encourage members to enjoy gaming as a team.



nGx2’s membership is dependent on how active a player is. Player must be willing to participate in clan wars and other clan activities when available. All prospective members must complete a formal recruitment process before earning full membership in the clan.


How it Began

Our Clan started during COD 4 with 17 members from KPK (Killer Park Klan) when MW3 was launched and elite clans became competitive a couple of us came up with nGx2 (No Guts No Glory) and merged the 2 clans.During Black Ops 2 We met KJThaDon and the DFW (Down For Whatever) clan. Then we completed our united nations of clans. We now have 110 members and still growing. Unfortunatly we can only have 100 active members on Call of duty but we hope through this website we can continue to grow and make an active and inactive line up.


How To Join

In order to join nGx2, you must be be mature and easy to get along with. We require all members to have a microphone and use it actively. All potential recruits must fill out the application to join, which can be found at the top of the website.

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